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Graphic Alliance has been working on a very exciting project, and if you are familiar with the title of this blog, then you will know exactly which project it is. It is, of course, Game of Thrones!

Our team here have been working on their touring exhibition, Game of Thrones The Touring Exhibition, which makes its debut in Barcelona on 28th October 2017. With Game of Thrones being such an immensely popular show, there was definitely pressure to make this as amazing.

The lead designers on this project were Jordan (our Senior Designer) and Darren (one of our Partners), who designed the key art for the website. Over the last couple of months, they came up with a concept which was later developed into a masterpiece. Below is an image of the concept (left) against the final piece (right).

Another one of our Partners, Tom Welsh, was also managing this exciting project. We asked him a couple of questions on what it was like to work with such an influential company and how he managed expectations.

With GoT having such a huge fan base, did you feel there were expectations to meet with the design of the Touring Exhibition?

We initially had very high expectations of what both HBO and the fan-base would expect from the exhibition artwork. Especially considering the global success of the Game of Thrones franchise. However, after taking on the project, we were informed by HBO that we did not have sufficient licensing to include ANY photography of the actors. The only characters that could be included were CGI characters such as the White Walkers. This led us to a completely new approach where we focused heavily on the props used to create the show.

What were the steps you took when you started this project?

The first step was to obtain all the viable assets from GES and HBO. Surprisingly, this was limited due to the lack of approved images for use in licensed products. Instead, we set about generating our own assets which included a photo-manipulation, illustrations and even CGI 3D renders. Once the key art was approved, we then moved onto the website design and large array of advertising assets required by the exhibition’s marketing team.

What was the result?

The exhibition launches in Barcelona on the 28th October, so our final deliverable for the project was two exhibition websites – one for the US market and one for the local Spanish market. This required a multi-lingual function to be added to the sites, in order to accommodate Spanish, Catalan and English. Once the show has officially launched, the websites and marketing carlton will be updated to include actual photography of the exhibition space.

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