We got the golden ticket…!

When we were told that we would be going to a chocolate factory, we could barely contain our excitement…but it wasn’t any old factory, oh no! It was the factory where Prestat chocolates are made. We have been working with Prestat, designing their new website and we’re rather proud if we say so ourselves!

Our inner Charlie’s were bursting with excitement, and how fitting as Prestat was a favoured treat of Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who also made Prestat truffles the centerpiece of his novel My Uncle Oswald. Now there’s a bit of history, but it doesn’t stop there! If you’re not familiar with the brand, we’re sure you’ll certainly spot it on the shelves with their iconic brightly coloured boxes and delicious chocolately goodness within.

There’s so much to this brand of exquisite chocolates, for example Prestat have an upstanding reputation as for many years they supplied chocolates to members of the royal family and in 1975 it was granted a Royal Warrant as Purveyors of Chocolates to Her Majesty The Queen. Now there’s a seal of approval! You can read more about this and much more on their history page!

We met the charming Nick Crean and Bill Keeling, who told us wonderful stories of chocolate escapades and kindly offered a tour of the factory, donning our white coats and hair nets…we looked the part!

Samm and Fabiola at Prestat

It was such a joy to have a tour, seeing the chocolates being made and learning new things on the way as Nick was giving us a crash course on chocolatiers; such as the importance of high quality ingredients and the intricate process involved of making each chocolate piece.

The main aspect that stood out to both of us was the aroma, if they could bottle that fragrance, we’d certainly buy it! But we were more than happy to try out some of their samples (naturally!) our favourite was unanimous, had to be their Sea Salt and Caramel Truffles! Yum!


  1. Nick Wilsdon

    The truffles look awesome Fabiola – also good to see you enjoying yourself :-)

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