caticonslite_bm_altTeam News: Birthdays, Barbeques and Beers

It’s been an eventful week at Graphic Alliance as we celebrated two birthdays, had one delicious barbecue, and numerous beers! Everyone has been working hard on various projects so it was a great way to wind down and enjoy the sun.

One of our lovely Partners, Tom, celebrated his birthday with our equally lovely designer, Alice. In true GA style, we blasted the ‘happy birthday’ music on the speakers and presented them with cakes and attention.

With the sun deciding to make an appearance, we took it upon ourselves to cook another barbeque. The last one we had was so successful that we bought double the amount of food this time, including hot dogs, corn, and burgers.

It turns out that four people at GA are vegetarian, so our very trusty developer, Gobind, brought in some home-cooked vegan burgers! They were so popular that we almost didn’t even put on the beef burgers.

After managing to get the barbeque started, everyone gathered on the roof to enjoy the endless amount of food and beers. It was a great evening spent together before we all got back to work the following morning!

We are definitely hoping the sun stays for more than a week this time! However, I predict the umbrellas will be out again next week.



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