Market Research

We help brands know their place in the market and keep abreast of their competitive positioning on the web.


Every company has an understanding of it’s market but the digital era has added a new dimension to the importance of understanding your customer needs and segmentation, decision-making processes and competitive position. On the one hand the web has removed many of the traditional barriers to entry, allowing brands to generate awareness faster and deeper. On the other hand there are more variables and potential points of weakness that come with the territory in digital media and it is vitally important that brands keep abreast of their markets.


We can help you gain a deeper understanding of your existing market or new sector positioning by explaining its structure, dynamics, demographics and segmentation online. We often provide insight into the key players, their attitudes and assumptions. We report on opinion formers’ and decision makers’ views of companies and markets from a reputational standpoint and provide feedback on competitor activity, offers and customer experience.


Our detailed and actionable insights about industries, markets, customer segments and key events can inform and mould your digital strategy. These insights can assist with business-critical decisions, such as whether to enter a new market and can help you win more loyal customers and business in the medium to long term.
Graphic Alliance provides our clients with compelling insights and advice with which to grow their online businesses, outperform their competitors and de-risk key decisions. If you would like to discuss your position in the market and work on a digital strategy for growth, click here to get in touch.