Customer Insight

How do people see, think, feel and act online? Customer insight is a powerful driver of brand and customer loyalty.


Insight is a fundamental driver of everything we do. Whether we’re designing a new financial services website or setting up a social commerce strategy on Facebook, we consider the way people see, think, feel and act. The very best digital strategies often come from divorcing oneself from the analytics and just thinking about how people interact, what they sense and why they perceive things in a certain way.


That said, we love poring over the analytics. We spend loads of time using analytical tools that tell us where users go and what they do on the site. The statistics help us identify the touchpoints to engage users with. We monitor the number of users entering and successfully exiting your digital channel and uncover specific areas where revenue and engagement may be lost. This allows us to pin-point specific issues, such as optimising check-out pages to improve conversion rates or sign-up pages to improve visitor engagement. Continuous auditing ensures recommendations and ROI projections are based on historic performance data and informed intuition, not assumptions.


At the time of launching your online presence, it’s unlikely that all of the decisions we make at the outset will continue to be the best strategy in the medium term. There’s a good deal of trial and error in establishing exactly what your online audience responds to. As your digital presence matures, we’ll build up statistical data that enables us to continually refine our website conversion rates for each type of traffic generation activity. On a practical level this means we can improve weak areas of the website (design, content, structure) and identify the most successful marketing initiatives that are worth investing in.