Pixel-perfect Execution

Attention to detail is everything. We want our websites to sing, and we spend the time getting them just right.

Designed for the screen

Our graphic designers all come from a digital background and understand exactly what is required to create great graphic design for the screen. We understand pixels, know screen sizes inside out, respect the fold and stay on top of tablets and mobile devices. We know that not every client is the same and the exact requirements often vary.

Keeping up with technology

Unusually, our designers can also code and our programmers can also design. Drawing on expert knowledge of CSS, Javascript and HTML, we take each project from flat design concept through to working web page, ensuring the final result looks exactly as planned originally. Our knowledge of emerging technologies and trends also means we produce not only cutting edge designs but practical, workable solutions too.


We make sure our websites and applications are usable by every visitor. We always have accessibilty in mind when we produce our creative and we ensure the sites are built so that screen-readers can access the content easily.

In the UK alone, an estimated 2 million people are registered as blind or visually impaired and a further 4 million have arm or hand difficulties. For these people using inaccessable sites will be difficult. Sites that do not match accessibility guidelines will unwittingly turn potential users away.

We have developed a tried and tested three-stage process to ensure our clients’ websites adhere to W3C accessibility guidelines. Firstly, a clear website architecture will ensure that the content is well presented at all times. Secondly, the content will be governed by an intuitive navigation system. Thirdly, the online tools and functions will enable screen readers to access the website’s content.

All our designers, web developers and programmers are acutely aware of the Disability Discrimination Act and work to directives that ensure accessibility is considered at all stages of the design process. We review and amend design concepts for accessibility while developers and programmers have checklists to check the pages and code. The pages are then reviewed for quality assurance because, understandably, making a site truly accessible ensures that it caters for all users.

If you’re not only creative but also recognise the key role of pixel-perfect execution whilst adhering to accessibility guidelines, why not consider joining us? Explore careers here.