Graphic Design

What you do defines you.
What we do defines you visually.

“Good design”

We’re obsessed about all aspects of graphic design. We look for inspiration everywhere, not just on the computer. We love finding new typography, photography, illustrations and multimedia art. Our client Sir Terence Conran once said that “good design is 98% common sense but what makes the subject so interesting is the other 2% what you may call aesthetics.” We’re committed to finding the elusive 2% for every client. When you find that little bit of magic, everything is better.

Welcome ideas

There’s no such thing as a bad idea… just a lack of will to carry them out. Some ideas hit the nail on the head; others can be inappropriate or even rude. But ideas challenge convention and lead to changes in behaviour. Think about it. A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as underwhelming, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows. Twitter, anyone?

Goodbye templates

Every project starts with a blank canvas, whether the client is a fledgling start-up or governed by the strictest brand guidelines mankind has ever seen. We can’t bring ourselves to design by template because it feels craven and a bit cheap. We love creating things from scratch and we’ll sacrifice margin for the sake of making everything look just so.

Understanding business

Good digital design stems from understanding what the product does, how the service adds value, and why the brand is special. The best results come from collaboration with the client and deep understanding of your business so that the visual representation of your brand in the digital arena can be a stamp of authority on the industry. Ideologically we believe that the brand should lead the business, not merely package the business, and so knowing the client’s business is vitally important to the design process.

Best-practice work

As much as we’d love to go crazy with your brand online, we always have one eye (half closed) on the rules and best-practice guidelines of digital design. For example everything we create must work, visually, on about 250 screen resolution/monitor/browser configurations. We believe that good design should be accessible to all and therefore we won’t sacrifice the Android Animals for the sake of cosying up to the Mac Monkeys.

Graphic Alliance appreciates the role of good design in helping companies communicate their messages in a timely and engaging way. If your creative juices thrive on the excitement of working with the best designers and the smartest technologists, why not consider joining us? Explore careers here.