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Reading news of our latest recruit, how does it make you feel?  Happy, jealous, surprised?  This is not the first office to open its doors to dogs, nor will it be the last, especially in London, but have we turned a corner in fuelling our creativity and mastering our mind work?

Wiggins at work

Where's my coffee?

There have been plenty of articles about dogs in work and the benefits (as long as nobody’s allergic!).  Benefits range from relaxing staff to further inspiring them, being well documented in the BBC, The Guardian and other blogs.  And the world is only becoming even more dog friendly, who are we to interfere with evolution?  Science is on their side.

Stats show that employees who had their pets at their workplace showed an 11% drop in stress levels by the end of the day, compared to a 70% spike in stress levels of employees who leave pets at home.

Randolph Barker, lead author of the VCU Dogs in Work study, says. “It’s a low cost wellness benefit, and it could be a recruiting opportunity.”

They are great for team morale and creativity.  He can give us an excuse to step away from the desk.  Dogs need regular walks; so do people.  Popping to the park downstairs gives us a fresh perspective on digital solutions and designs.  It’s often when one can get the best ideas for you!

Wiggins at work

Can I help?

We will need to do more testing to confirm the data but will definitely enjoy doing so just as much as love writing our client’s reports and strategies.

We haven’t seen so much joy bought to the team at once with so many smiles, making productivity sky rocket due to all the serotonin we are swimming in, due to the simple addition of a dog which is good for us, our clients and the dog.

Wiggins at work

Lost in thought...

Mr. Wiggins may potentially become more than just a part timer, not only help relieve our staff, but also him from endless work days, giving him a good long day of love, attention, walks and belly rubs.  How could we close our doors to such a well behaved and affable chap? It could be detrimental to us and him!

Wiggins at work

Interpreting data...

If you have any thoughts, feedback or meetings to schedule with Mr. Wiggins, get back to us.  Do you have an office dog?  Do let us know.

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