caticonslite_bm_altRose Uniacke appoints Graphic Alliance

We are thrilled to say that Rose Uniacke, the renowned interior designer and antiques dealer, has appointed Graphic Alliance to work on a brand new e-commerce website. The all-encompassing project includes a digital branding exercise, fully responsive website design, and Drupal e-commerce integration. The new online presence is scheduled to launch later this year and will aim to bring the stunning in-store experience online.

Rose Uniacke

The new website will showcase Rose’s ability to create calm, understated, comfortable interiors. The roomsets on display at the showroom in Pimlico Road often feature fine antiques next to well-chosen contemporary pieces and this eclectic mix will be shown online. All of the web pages will show the ease, restraint and sophistication that is synonymous with the brand.

Rose Uniacke

Like all of Rose’s spaces the new online presence will be approachable and welcoming. Her work goes far beyond the usual approach to selecting the key elements of an interior – furniture, materials, finishes, fabrics and colours – and this unique ethic and eye for detail will be communicated digitally. Although the brand has acquired a cult celebrity following, we cannot promise to publish any of these projects! After all, Rose’s attitude to discretion and understated elegance is unparalleled.

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