Luxury menswear website

The Brief:After appointing us to design and develop an all-new luxury menswear website, Spencer Hart took Graphic Alliance on a journey to Los Angeles. It was Oscars week and, out of their branded bungalow at the Chateau Marmont, they were responsible for dressing Benedict Cumberbatch, Alfonso Cuaron, P Diddy, Chiwetal Ejiofor, Matthew McConaughey and Andrew Garfield. The brief for the new website was simple: to take this red-carpet brand into the digital arena and create the online manifestation of founder Nick Hart’s inspiration.

Project Notes: Spencer Hart is a cheeky rascal of a brand — entirely masculine with a twinkle in the eye. The new site had to communicate this point of difference and Nick’s own persona. Yet the online presence had the practical task of selling all the brand’s different tailoring services, from £650 ready-to-wear two-piece suits to £4,500-£7,000 fully bespoke numbers. Finally during the project it was also announced that in a new departure for the brand a range of shirts, polos and shoes would be launched in the “Palm Springs Collection”, which needed to be showcased alongside the traditional tailoring products. As Nick explained, “there is a very clear connection between Palm Springs and Savile Row and that’s a meticulous attention to detail in the quest to create something of clean, bright beauty.”

The Result: The new Spencer Hart site is the digital adaptation of the brand and its Ratpack heroes, using contemporary people and designs whilst being influenced by a fantastic cast of today’s style icons. It lives up to the review in The Independent, “forget bling, suits are the thing, and Nick is the Savile Row king!” All of the brands influences, from music and film to materials and textiles, collide on the website to provide an experience that is effortlessly cool brimming with attitude.