Rose Uniacke interior design website

The Brief:Rose Uniacke, an award winning interior designer with a unique eye for contemporary and antique pieces, required a new website that engaged users and encouraged longer online visit durations. Graphic Alliance’s primary objective was to realign the offline and online user experience, building on the brand’s particular aesthetic as seen in the stunning Pimlico Road showroom. Acting as an online embellishment for the brand, the new interior design website needed to truly reflect the provenance of the products and bespoke interior design service offered.

Project Notes:The Rose Uniacke website needed to showcase the very best in interior design for the discerning residential or commercial client requiring a refined but extraordinary refurbishment. Moreover, the new website also needed to communicate Rose Uniacke’s specialist knowledge, experience and skills in the antiques trade for the furniture connoisseur. The challenge was offering a single website that catered to all these different customer groups and their specific yet diverse information requirements.

The project begun with a digital branding exercise to define the Rose Uniacke online presence. The visual language encompassing typography, graphics, colours, photography and illustrations can be seen on the new website across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The fully responsive website design marries informative content with beautiful imagery and clear calls-to-actions that help channel visitors to areas of the website that satisfy their individual demands. Account Manager Kas Sinclair explains, “to complement the creative direction and digital branding exercise, the homepage now acts as a shop window, allowing the visitor to easily navigate through the different rooms [landing pages]. Whether looking through beautiful interiors and product galleries or exploring the world of antique furniture found in the online Collections magazine, the website gracefully recreates the offline, in-store browsing experience.”

New to Rose Uniacke online is the website’s shopping functionality. The website embraces best practice e-commerce with a refined and contemporary design. Users are able to filter the full product catalogue, make product enquiries onsite and enter an intuitive 4-step checkout process for online purchases.

The Build:To simplify the management of the product and website content, Graphic Alliance deployed Drupal 7 CMS to handle the branded content areas and Drupal Commerce for the product catalogue. The website management tools are fully integrated with Rose Uniacke’s inventory management system with two-way synchronisation and intuitive bespoke user interfaces.

The Result:Online visit durations are up 48%, there are 40% more visitors being driven to service pages and the new site boasts a 15% reduction in bounce rate. The creation of a new website is the first step in developing Rose Uniacke’s online presence. As a progression from the digital branding process, Graphic Alliance intends to support the site with a digital marketing campaign that will strengthen the brand’s reputation as a leading interior design and furniture dealer.