JM Finn & Co Digital magazine

The Brief:The marketing team at JM Finn & Co briefed Graphic Alliance to create the online manifestation of its successful client magazine, Prospects. The digital magazine had to complement the already established visual language, devised by Earnest, and encourage a new user experience for JM Finn & Co’s loyal customers.

Project Notes:The digital magazine is brimming with engaging investment newsletter style content directed specifically at JM Finn & Co’s loyal customer base. In each issue the editorial content is accompanied by ‘Equity Prospects’, where a particular quoted firm is analysed, and regular topical guest pieces. was produced in Drupal 7 CMS, enabling Graphic Alliance’s designers to have an unrestricted approach to the front-end design, and JM Finn & Co administrative staff to easily access the content management tools. The creative style is in keeping with the understated elegance of the JM Finn & Co brand but there are also some extremely modern flourishes.