Interactive website

The brief:The co-founders of partnered with us to develop their start-up idea into a real venture. Previously there had been no objective, confidential and fast resource for private clients to be matched to the right wealth manager. So, the brief was to create an interactive website that provides a new and intuitive way for private clients to find their appropriate wealth manager.

Project notes:With over 30 years’ financial market experience combined, our client has seen how wealth managers work and what makes them all different. Traditionally, the way to find a wealth manager has been to ask a friend or a professional advisor. Whilst these referral methods will remain, this website fulfils a genuine need for affluent individuals to find independent information online both quickly and securely.

The result:We designed and developed a clean, elegant, understated and professional website that presents users with a range of simple multiple-choice questions to fill out. The questions are non-invasive, straight forward, with clear and concise definitions of any industry jargon. Once the user’s answers are submitted over a maximum security network, the site introduces that user to up to three wealth managers best suited to their profile. The site automatically matches the user responses to the capabilities of the wealth managers.