Unrivalled Industry Insight

The Brief:As the leading representative organisation in the hospitality industry for over 100 years, The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has a key role to play in championing the best interests of hotels, restaurants and food service providers. We were asked to create the online manifestation of the association and help the BHA deliver real returns for their members. Our instructions were clear: “Help us to promote our work, members and unrivalled industry insight in a dynamic way.”

Project Notes:Initially we spent time getting to know the BHA’s wide range of different stakeholders, organising them into different categories with strictly defined personas. Then we considered what content and information each group would see in a typical user journey through the new BHA site. Equipped with this knowledge we proceeded to design a site with social media at its core, using the abundance of BHA content to bring together members and interested parties under a single domain.

The new site had to be designed with intuitive and simple navigation because of the large amount of content offered by the BHA.  Crucially, the navigation structure allows visitors to move around the website quickly and efficiently. The naming of the navigation headings also helps the user through the website and during the planning stage we conducted a search engine optimisation (SEO) audit, which helped us to identify the most relevant and popular search terms to include in the main navigation and sub-navigation headings.

The Result:Since launch the BHA has generated a five figure sum in revenues from new members. The website has cemented the organisation’s position as the leading representative organisation in the hospitality industry, representing hotels, restaurants and food service providers.