ActionAid – Send My Friend To School

The Global Campaign for Education is a global civil society movement working towards the common goal of achieving education for all. One of their goals is to ensure every child receives an education by 2030.

ActionAid has been running a programme, ‘Send my Friend to School,’ for the past eight years which offers children in the UK the chance to speak up for children around the world who are out of education.

The Brief: ActionAid’s primary aim is to create a mass engagement campaign that is popular and widely taken up in thousands of schools across the UK.

The Project: ActionAid seek to inspire a generation of young people in the UK to be active citizens and to realise their own power to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’.The  were invited to design the branding, develop the action concept and produce all collateral including the school packs for the 2016 ‘Send my Friend to School’ campaign.

The theme for this years campaign is ‘displacement’ and provides the means for children to explore the issues and to speak up for children affected by conflict, natural disaster or in areas where education is under attack. The tone needed to be urgent, positive and fun.

Using the engagement device in the shape of ‘buddies,’ this year children will decorate and write on the buddies ‘backpacks,’ which will then be presented or posted to their local MP to influence our government and world leaders to prioritise the right to education for all children.