caticonslite_bm_altRebranding a West End Law Firm: Seddons

After 6 months of interviews, workshops, sweat and beers, we’re chuffed to have celebrated the launch of a new brand and website for Seddons, the West End law firm, at their summer party in Portman Square last week.

Several people displayed a huge amount of interest at the party, with the new website being showcased on oversized iPads. People, either from Seddons or other companies, were able to use the interactive site and look through the different pages.

We asked our Account Manager, Luke Bowler, a few questions on the process of rebranding Seddons’ website.

What’s special about Seddons?

We started the project with a simple exercise. We visited the LinkedIn company page for ever law firm in London, noted down what they said about themselves and plotted it on a big chart for Seddons to compare.

What did we find? That every one of them said pretty much the same thing. We only hire the best people. Every one of them is an expert. We’re responsive when you know you need us and proactive when you don’t. All the things you expect from a law firm, really. Or an accountant. Or any professional services firm, for that matter.

Our brief was simple to understand but uniquely challenging to deliver. Unearth what makes Seddons’ people tick and express it through a new brand and its many touch points.

What we did:

Firstly, we conducted a series of group workshops and one-to-one interviews. Our first observation was the sheer friendliness of everyone we met. People – unprompted – described the culture as a collegiate. A clear sense of camaraderie. and people were nice – really, genuinely nice. They didn’t just work with one another, they worked for one another – having their back, even when the chips were down.

That same united spirit extended to their clients, too. Whatever the matter, Seddons were unwaveringly committed to their clients’ cause. No fences, here. Whenever you find something that is as true internally as it is externally, you know it’s ‘right’.


The Result

The result was a major injection of optimism. Of certainty and positivity. This manifested itself in many ways, from a vibrant new colour palette to a combination of bold but friendly typefaces. Warm and inviting photography of their people (by professional photographer Tony French) to a new signage above the door. Even the business cards pack a punch, with every Partner having a choice of colour and wise words printed on the back.

 The new website was built using Drupal 8, the latest iteration of the popular open source content management system. With everything easily editable, Seddons can now make the most of their active voices, publishing a steady stream of thought leadership and industry commentary.


 The future is bright for Seddons. Their next major endeavour is a total office refit, revamping their reception and meeting room spaces to reflect the new purpose.

Click here, and let us know what you think of the new look. And, if you are looking for a digital agency that can help to make your company stand out in the marketplace, do give us a call.


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