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Website trends 2015: What do you you know about the latest trends in 2015? Almost anything connected to information technology is going to change at a rapid pace. People involved with web design need to pay attention to the new trends and developments in their field, no matter how quickly it moves. Websites can start looking dated relatively quickly, even though they may have been considered cutting edge just a few short months ago.

Picture prominence

Social media has completely changed the Internet landscape in ways that are difficult to fully describe. It has changed the Internet in both overarching and subtle ways. Instagram, Pinterest and other similar websites have helped to popularise the idea of websites with content that are almost entirely image-based. As such, web designers should use a lot of images in their work, and they should specifically use very large images to showcase their main pages.

Smartphones lead the way

More and more of us are now using our smartphones to access the Internet. As a result, websites need to be designed with these handheld devices in mind. Websites today need to be responsive; otherwise they might as well just shut up shop and call it a day. Web designers should know what their websites will look like from the viewpoint of someone using a smartphone or a tablet, accounting for size differences in graphics as well as other things, like button positioning. There are going to be ‘smart’ variations on a lot of devices soon enough, and web designers need to prepare for this.

Scrolling continues to roll

For a while, many web designers have constructed websites that use many different pages. Websites that are designed like this are convenient to navigate for people that are using laptops or desktops. However, scrolling websites that present the entire site’s web content on one page are easier to use on mobile devices – when they are done right. Such websites will also earn the reputation of being more modern, which will only increase their popularity.

Favouring fashionable fonts

Web designers have debated about which fonts to use since the beginning of webmaster time. However, web designers haven’t always had very many options when it came to which fonts they could use. Google is finally starting to address the limited selection of typography that has been a problem for a while. There are plenty of excellent free or inexpensive Google fonts available today which could officially make generic fonts like Times New Roman a thing of the past. The fonts that websites use may quickly start to age them if designers don’t keep their eye on the ball as we move into 2015.

Trends in web design nicely illustrate the ways in which design elements come in and out of style. Many internet users today could look at a selection of websites and instantly recognise the one designed in the 1990s, and they could also point out the ones that were produced in the early 2000s. The styles that seem normal in the 2010s will also start to fade away, following a similar historical path. Skilful web designers will always make it a priority to keep abreast of the latest media and design trends in order to produce fresh and exciting sites for the rest of us to enjoy.

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