caticonslite_bm_altOlder adults and Social Media

Think Facebook is just for reaching out to your younger demographic? Think again…

A new study from Pew Internet found that between April 2009 and May 2010, social networking site usage grew 88% (from 25% to 47%) among Internet users aged 55-64.

The 65 and older group’s social networking presence grew 100% in the same time frame (from 13% to 26%).

Young people still dominate social networks like Facebook, but their usage only grew 13% during the year covered by Pew’s report. Although it certainly seems as though older adults are catching up at an incredibly quick pace, it remains to be seen whether they will outstrip youth usage or hit a ceiling at or below the usage levels reported by young adults and teens.

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  2. Tommy

    I think the increase from the older generation is because more and more are becoming computer literate and with the Facebook increase is a easy way for them to keep in contact with their grandchildren. I would imagine in a years time there is still a large increase in this age group.

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