New Website Design: Climate Week

Over the last couple of months, Graphic Alliance has been planning, researching, and conducting interviews to come up with a new design for Climate Week. We are very proud to announce that the new website for Climate Week is now live, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

The landing page boasts a picture of the New York skyline, making it an eye-catching and inviting page for the user to start on. Additionally, the website is designed in such a way that it is simple for users to navigate through, whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing.

For those who aren’t familiar, Climate Week NYC was launched by The Climate Group around 8 years ago. Leaders from businesses, governments, and academic institutions around the world are invited to discuss the global climate action. The About page has all the information on what the week entails and what to expect.

One of the Partners here at Graphic Alliance, Tom, lead this project with the help of our very talented designer, Soren. We asked Tom a couple of questions on the re-design of the new website.

What did you find most exciting about working with a company like Climate Week?

Climate Week was a really great project to be involved with. Supporting an event with such a critical agenda added a whole new level of satisfaction. Not that Game of Thrones isn’t important, it is. But it’s not going to save the world. Or is it?

What was your plan going forward with them?

From the outset, we wanted the Climate Week website to feel super-modern. As a cutting edge organisation, hell-bent on driving global environmental change, the website needed to reflect this persona.

For the design, we drew upon the Climate Group branding, remaining true to the brand colour pallets and typography. The addition of a full screen, colourised cityscape image helps make the homepage feel striking and memorable.

A key function for the site was to enable organisations to get involved with Climate Week itself. The new website enables a user to register to host an event, become a sponsor, or become a volunteer.

What was the result:

The website has now launched and boasts a full schedule of events for the week. Our attentions will now be focused on implementing CMS functionality to help automate some of the manual back-office tasks currently associated with creating an event. Graphic Alliance has also been asked to manage the Climate Group website, which will be a great opportunity to extend the scope our relationship with their team.

Click here and let us know your thoughts on the new website. Let us know if you are looking for a digital agency that can help to make your company stand out in the marketplace.


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