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Another week, another blog, we’ve been a busy bunch at Graphic Alliance.  From Sikh temples to Scotland, and the deep sea.

One of our employees even transformed into a mermaid for the weekend to educate the public at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure Show.  Every year, on the first half term, outdoor enthusiasts take over the London excel centre to watch BMXers and cyclists, triathletes and campers showcasing their wonderful products, holding talks, shows and outdoors experiences.  From Greenpeace to Tobago’s tourist board, thousands of people come and visit to try different activities from fitness to craft beers.  This year, the ocean theme was a bigger format and hosted it’s own section based on the success of previous years.

To make things slightly clearer, (increase the visibility for ocean geeks) Lana volunteers her spare time for an ocean education programme called Incredible Oceans, who also host the world’s biggest ocean education festival, WhaleFest which is usually held in Brighton.  She is their digital team leader and runs an international social team to help spread ocean plastic campaign awareness.

Incredible Oceans Live Mermaids Outdoors Show London

Image: @IncredOceans

Helped by her fellow ocean community, the #Refuse4good hashtag gathered over 370,000 impressions on Twitter over the weekend from 90 Tweets, being picked up by influencers and innovative brands.

Tweetreach data

Image: Tweetreach

Apart from the unexpecting passers by being diverted into a walk through ocean experience, mermaids spoke to the public on oceans matters which are becoming more important by the day.  Recently, this issue has become so important that Sky News has created a film and documentary about it and the BBC are reporting on whales washing up on our shores starving, with stomachs full of plastic.  The SkyNews #OceanRescue has gleaned nearly 838,000 impressions this month and the BBC news accumulating over 1,000,000 engagements for their recent stories on social media.

Top 6 social media influencers for Sky News #OceanRescue


BBC Whales viral content Buzzsumo

Image: Buzzsumo

Because of this press, a lot of people thought Incredible Oceans Live would be full of doom and gloom, but it’s not.  They were lent some of the most recently discovered deep ocean inhabitant specimens and educators and experts gave talks on everything from plankton to the innovative brands using recycled ocean plastic to make everyday fashion items.  The four day half term bonanza had about 55,000 people through the doors and over half made it to the far corner to learn a little bit more about the ocean.

Cute kids twin girls at the Incredible Oceans Live event London Excel Outdoors Show


Incredible Oceans Newly identified specimens, Angler fish

Incredible Oceans science and tourism talks at the Outdoors Show London Excel 2017

Riz Board Shorts made with recycled ocean plastic at the Oceans Festival London

For more information on innovative brand or events, follow @IncredOceans on Instagram & Twitter!

Incredible Oceans on Instagram @IncredOceans

Incredible Oceans at the Telegraph Outdoors and Adventure Show Feb 2017


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