Guess who we met…?

First we went for a chocolate factory tour, now we’re meeting celebrities! Things in social media HQ are certainly going full speed ahead and we’re loving it!

We met the renowned Professor Winston for our Silver Cross Facebook live webchat! We’ve been watching his shows on the BBC and of course how could you not recognise that famous moustache!

Professor Robert Winston

The reason why we had such an honour to meet him is because Silver Cross are very proud sponsors of Genesis Research Trust, which is a charity to promote the science for the health of women and babies. It’s a wonderful charity, conducting life changing research to help the parents of today and tomorrow. Professor Winston is the founding chairman and happily agreed to participate in an hour live webchat on the Silver Cross Facebook page.

Unfortunately due to unforeseeable circumstances (Professor Winston does reveal all in his video) he was delayed, but was still very happy to answer the questions posed already and he let us try out our hand at recording a video of him. Although we were unprepared for our directing debut, we felt that we did quite well! You can watch the full video here.

All in all, a great day for a great cause!

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