Google +: I’m in – are you?


I have finally been accepted to Google Plus. Though now I’m in, I’m not quite sure what to do.

With the new platform launching as invite-only, it sort of feels like I’m the first to arrive at the party (well, me and a few hundreds of thousands of others…but you know what I mean) which is a rather privileged feeling but at that same time, what’s the point in being here if no one else is?

I am a die-hard Facebook fan, so it was always going to take something dramatic to make me favour Google’s latest foray into social over tried and trusted Facebook. Looking around a little more positively, however, there are some interesting features to take note of…


No longer do you have to throw all your friends into one big bundle, Google Plus lets you distinguish your Circles of friends, who you can then direct updates and posts towards. This feature also allows you to filter your stream to view only updates made by specific Circles.


With a few clicks of a mouse, you and your friends (or Circles) can get a Hangout together for a chat, to watch a YouTube video or to listen to music.


For someone like me who is a big stickler for spelling and grammar, G+ offers the chance to correct past posts. So now there’s really no excuse for hastily written posts that are riddled with errors – a simple edit can make it all disappear!


As one of those rare few that doesn’t own an iPhone (shock, horror!) I am at last seeing the benefits of being one of the Android fans. Google Plus almost instantly uploads my photos and videos to my G+ account; however they don’t go public until I select the media that I would like to share.

What do you think of Google Plus? Is it a match to Facebook? Leave your thoughts and opinions below or add me here!

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