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Welcome to our very first weekly round-up – taking a snapshot of the past week in the online world!

Ecommerce sales grew this Christmas
Econsultancy reports that Christmas 2011 saw a substantial growth in online sales, with purchases up 30% year-on-year. The last week before Christmas increased ecommerce sales even further with the week almost doubling last year’s figures. Boxing Day however was the biggest day ever for online retail in the UK, with 96 million UK internet users visiting ecommerce sites and 13 million hours spent on online shopping.

Facebook photos often flagged for all the wrong reasons
Sure, you can untag yourself from Facebook photos that you don’t think show your most flattering side, but they’re still there in your friend’s photo album for all your mutual friends and – depending on their settings – the rest of the Facebook world to see. And if said friend refuses to delete them from their album, there really isn’t a lot more you can do. That didn’t stop many displeased featured users however as Facebook revealed that throughout 2011, the majority of reported photos were not flagged because of offensive content but rather the reporter simply didn’t like the shot of them.

In August, Facebook added “I don’t like this photo of me” as an option for reported photos – a complaint that proved all too popular by Facebook users it seems!

Barack Obama joins Instagram
Anyone can turn their hand to photography with the ease and fun of Instagram – including it seems the US President. @BarackObama may have only taken posted 7 photos so far but he’s rallied up a promising following of over 56,000 fellow users.

Grazia teams up with the biggest British fashion bloggers
Women’s magazine Grazia has started the year with a range of masterclasses for fashion bloggers at Covent Garden’s flagship Apple store. With top fashion bloggers including  Susie Bubble, Disney Roller Girl, Fashion Foie Gras and The Clothes Whisperer, Grazia are offering a range of free masterclasses and workshops (though with limited availability) throughout January.

This week we’ve been watching… We love this video of a dad asking his daughter which parent he prefers – and with a little bit of light interrogation, he gets the answer he was looking for!

This week we’ve been listening to… ‘Glory’ – the song written and sung by Jay-Z feat. B.I.C to celebrate the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy Carter with Beyonce Knowles. After some confusion over the budding superstar’s name – some reported Ivy Blue whilst others correctly said Blue Ivy – she was welcomed to the world with a Tweet and this song published on her daddy’s website Life + Times on Monday.

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