caticonslite_bm_altGA Bank Holiday Madness

The last weekend of summer has come and gone this year and we thought we would show you what the GA team got up to this bank holiday. Some of us stayed in London and enjoyed Notting Hill Carnival, whilst others went to explore other places.

Frankie, our Executive Assistant, enjoyed her bank holiday weekend in Paris! She spent her weekend walking around the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin de Luxemburg, pictured above) and eating her body weight in food. She also visited the Louvre (pictured below) and explored the beautiful city in 31-degree heat!

Our finance manager, Sidra, went to visit Stonehenge, one of the ancient wonders of the world (pictured below). Although Sidra’s excuse for going was ‘We had nothing better to do’, its amazing and unique design is definitely an excuse to go!

Sidra came back with some interesting facts about the design, for one, she told us it was built in several stages and altogether, it took over 500 years! All this work took place between 3,000 BC and 2,500 BC. However, this is just a theory and we cannot be sure of the exact timings. Sidra is actually in this photo below but you can’t see her as she is only 4 ft 9!

Another person who explored a different place in the UK was our marketing manager, Keiran, who went to Glasgow. Keiran is moving to Scotland soon, and now we know why! Here is a lovely picture he took of The Falls of Clyde (below).

He also went to visit New Lanark, a beautiful site attached to the Falls of Clyde. He spotted a couple of badgers and otters but didn’t quite manage to get them in the photo below! New Lanark has quite a bit of history linked to it, it was founded in 1786 by cotton mill builder, David Dale.

Our wonderful Account Executive, Scarlie went to Cornwall to visit some friends on the long weekend and it looked like she had an amazing time! She went for long, peaceful walks along the coastal paths and enjoyed the sun with her countless dogs! She also went paddle boarding, which is where she encountered this lovely dolphin (pictured below). How incredible to be in England and being able to spot such a beautiful creature!

Who knew that people here at GA were so interested in the sites of the world and exploring different parts of it! Let us know what you did on the bank holiday weekend, we would love to know where else is worth visiting!


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