caticonslite_bm_altPPC Campaigns: 4 Examples Of Creative Online Advertising!

When it comes to online marketing, you need to be creative in order to ensure that people click through on your adverts. In some cases this can be very difficult, especially if you have text-only ads, but it is possible, and when done right it is almost impossible to not click through!

Here are four phenomenal examples of when PPC campaigns have been done brilliantly by using creative techniques:

#1 The Perfume Shop

One of the best bits about PPC campaigns is that they don’t have to be word-for-word what people are searching for. In fact, it could be almost unrelated or connected through a very tenuous link. The Perfume Shop, used the fact that they sell celebrity perfumes to push their adverts onto celebrity videos on YouTube.

Why did this work? Because the audience was right. The users were already interested in the celebrities and therefore immersed in celebrity culture which makes them the target audience for these type of adverts. The Perfume Shop received a whopping 236% ROI on view-through-conversion for these PPC campaigns.

#2 Alec Brownstein

Knowing your audience is absolute key in having successful PPC campaigns. You don’t need to be a huge corporation or have years of experiencing in marketing, you just need a clever idea that works. Alec Brownstein was just a simple freelance copywriter who decided to set up ad campaigns that targeted the names of New York’s top creative directors. To explain further, check out this video.

Why did this work? He knew these big bosses would Google themselves and he appealed to their curiosity. This was different and outside the box thinking that people like to see – especially creative directors.

 #3 Sky News

When you have thousands of news stories on your site every day you may think that  PPC campaigns would be almost impossible. However, Sky News managed to do just that by running their RSS feed through Darwin Optimiser technology which created keywords that were relevant to particular news stories.

Why did this work? Due to the very low CPCs and the high number of traffic as a result of these ads, Sky News was able to receive a 400% increase in the number of their page impressions. Low cost + high traffic = excellent PPC campaign!

#4 Ann Summers

When it comes to being a bit cheeky, Ann Summers’ pay per click agency really know their stuff – and we’re not just talking lingerie. They implemented a strategy that they quite appropriately referred to as the ‘sexy search’ which would put the Ann Summers brand in high visibility and unusual places.

Why did this work? This may not have been hitting their target audience and making sales, but it did wonders for brand visibility. All in all they received over 1.5 million impressions and got media coverage in The Guardian and The Independent all for a budget of less than £5k!

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