caticonslite_bm_altFolk: a new breed of shoe

This week Emma Holmqvist our resident fashion stylist catches up with London label Folk, which has recently branched into shoewear…

Folk is primarily known for its distinctive menswear ranges, but as of late, the name has risen in the ranks women’s footwear, too. Fairly minimal at first glance, the full beauty of the designs becomes apparent only on closer inspection when details such as contrasting panels and strategically positioned cutouts emerge. All shoes are handmade in a small factory in Portugal, and the leathers used are mostly sourced in Italy. “The leather selection is one of the key components of the design process, and we spend more on our leathers than most of the large luxury brands do. Hopefully this fact is reflected in the overall impression of the shoes that we design,” says Fraser Shand, MD of Folk. ZX2A1261FARAH-FLINT-NUBUCK-2ZX2A0522BILLY-FLINT-NUBUCK-2

Folk’s footwear collections are available online at, and at the label’s various eponymous stores, including those (there are two) located on Lamb’s Conduit Street in London.

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