caticonslite_bm_altProduct Photography: 6 Steps To Perfection

You’ve probably heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well when it comes to selling products online, this is absolutely true. Because as eloquently as I describe the mouth-watering long-smoked Texas barbecued brisket…it’s not nearly as effective as showing you the picture below:

But it’s not just about using a picture…it’s about using the right kind of picture. And so to help you in choosing the right picture for selling your products, here’s a 6-point checklist.

#1 Background – Many products are showcased against a plain white background so that there are no distractions…the customer’s eyes are completely focussed on the product. But if white doesn’t give you enough contrast, then choose a background that allows your product to completely stand out e.g. photos of diamonds against black velvet.

#2 Lighting – Generally speaking, take your product photos in the day to take advantage of natural lighting. But if you’re looking to create a specific atmosphere so your photo strikes a certain tone…then don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting on the product you’re photographing.

#3 Natural environment – Setting the product in its natural environment makes it easy for customers to imagine themselves using the product in real life. So for example, if you’re taking a picture of shoes/clothing, take a picture of somebody modelling those things. If you’re selling a coffee table, take a picture of that coffee table in a living room to help your customer see how the coffee table would look in their own real environment. Do whatever you can to make it easy for your customer to imagine themselves using your product in real life.

#4 Sense of scale – A description of size and dimensions is good. Showing a picture of the product next to items that give a sense of scale is even better.

#5 Choose it on the big screen – Don’t make final decisions about the product pictures based on what you see on the camera screen. Often, images look different on a larger screen, and so wait till you’ve uploaded the pictures you’ve taken onto a computer screen before making any final decisions.

#6 Tell a story – Of course, all these steps add up to one thing: telling a story. The goal of product photography is to tell a compelling story to your customer that motivates them to buy what you’re offering. Use pictures of your product that make it easy for your customers to tell themselves a story of why they want to buy what you’re offering.

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